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I watch Wild America every Saturday morning

Martin Luther Stouffer Jr. (born September 5, 1948), is the narrator and producer of the animal documentary show Wild America. He was raised inFort Smith, Arkansas. Marty Stouffer is one of the world’s most recognizable spokespersons for North America’s wildlife. His TV series and his videos have been seen by millions. For the vast number of viewers worldwide who regularly watch the “Wild America” series, Marty Stouffer opens a window on the great outdoors and introduces watchers of all ages to the wild animals of North America.

At age 18, Marty traveled to Alaska on his own with an 8mm movie camera. He returned home and with the warm reception of his unsophisticated movie of his adventure in the north, decided to pursue a career in wildlife documentary making. In 1970, Marty graduated from the University of Arkansas with a degree in English.[1] From there he traveled to Africa to film a new documentary. While in Africa, he was confronted with massive and wasteful killing of animals and returned to America with the intent to produce films that argued for nature conservation.

By the mid-1970s, Marty had put together several full length documentaries. At this time, he approached the programming managers at Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) about a half hour long wildlife show. PBS signed for the rights to broadcast Marty Stouffer’s show Wild America in 1982. The show went on to become one of the most popular aired by PBS, renowned for its unflinching portrayal of nature, as well as its extensive use of film techniques such as slow motion and close-ups. Finally, after numerous rejections of his various TV Series proposals by the major TV networks, the programming managers at PBS found his idea for a half-hour outdoor Series set in America too appealing - and too cost effective - to turn down. “Wild America” was born.

Marty’s stories, incorporating these dramatic “facts of life,” and told simply in his honest home-spun style, won the hearts of a loyal audience. It also helped that the programs were magnificently filmed in slow-motion, time-lapse, telephoto and closeup cinematography. The Series became an almost-instant hit. It was one of PBS’s most highly-rated regular Series, never leaving the Top Ten, and it remains the most broadcast Series which has ever aired on Public Television.


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